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Myjka do oczu BHP Stal

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The showers and emergency eyewash are a necessary security measure for potential use in most industries and laboratories.
Can greatly reduce the damage caused by splashing in the eyes, face and body of acids, bases, organic compounds and other toxic or corrosive, and in case of fire.
It is the simplest and cheapest method for decontamination in the event of an accident.
For correct use and maximize benefits h follow some basic principles of location, installation and signage.


Eyewash pedestal type whose base is anchored to the ground to provide stability. They have two large sprays of aerated water flow at low pressure to bathe both eyes as the face of the victim. The valve is automatically opened when you press the lever, and remains open to be closed manually by the lever in the opposite direction.

052-64000359: Stainless Steel
052-64000859: Bucket-corrosive ABS plastic and steel tubing covered with PVC.



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