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Explore the benefits of a business seller

Selling to business customers is now as easy as selling to end customers.

► As a Medshop business retailer, you have access to all current Medshop customers, e.g., private practices, clinics, hospitals, as well as the opportunity to increase sales through new business customers - from small businesses to large corporations and institutional buyers.

Sellers of your products can be all companies selling in Medshop, which create unusual connections directly with the customer, access to your offer becomes an additional offer of other companies thanks to which sales are created. By creating wholesale prices for resellers, all medshop resellers can become your distributors.

Reach new business customers through Medshop Business. Adjust your assortment and offer to business customers and increase sales. Take advantage of increased visibility for business deals and lower wholesale fees. You automatically gain access to shipping from Medshop and enabled sales in your country by default.

Control prices and execution

As a Medshop Business Selling Partner, you can customize prices for your business customers and access advanced fulfillment networks around the world.

Promote your business

Guide more buyers to your Medshop Business storefront and explore features that can help in driving more sales in a simple and effective way.

Manage your store

ONE dashboard, your sales and shipping management center, offers a simplified way to manage your store, and proactive insights allow you to continuously optimize your sales strategy.

Global and national sales network

Home user

Home User and Students

Pharmacies , Clinics & Hospital

Pharmacies, Clinics & Hospital

Schools and Universities

Schools and Universities

Offices & Government

Wszystkie urzędy , instytucje publiczne , instytucje rządowe

Response units and the military

Fire Brigade, Rescuers, Army, Response Units, and others.

Companies and industry

Construction companies, transport companies, industry, factories

Who are you ? who do you represent

Choose a plan, the right tools for your business and start selling


The manufacturer can add his products, connect with his distributors and monitor the sales of his products. Showcase your products at Global Trade Shows 365 days a year. If you do not have sellers, you are looking for distributors in a given country, Medshop will help you find distributors. There is no better tool than Medshop.


Connect with your manufacturer now to have a constantly up-to-date database of products, including emerging news, to react even better to changes and inform your customers about them. Start selling using the numerous tools available to Distributors. Sell products in your territory, create b2b offers, get more customers and increase your sales.

Seller & Service

Start selling with the numerous tools available to sellers and service providers. Take advantage of Dropshipping tools. Sell products and services, create b2b offers, create unconventional offers for customers.

From $166 (excl. TAX) per month B2B channel

Sell automatically in your country

Features and Benefits

Distribution prices and trade discounts

Offer business customers the best prices. Wholesale prices help to get larger orders in particular...

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Exclusive offers for companies

Distribute some of your products only to business customers. Use the Dropshipping service via Medshop...

more >

Your profile page

TYour profile page presents information about your company to business customers. Add and display your logo,...

more >

Automated invoicing and VAT calculation

A free merchant service that reduces manual invoicing by automatically generating VAT-based invoices...

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Net price display and lower shipping rates

Show business customers around the world the net prices of your products and take advantage of the possibility...

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Editor of quality certificates and company profile display

Differentiate your business with quality and variety. Get credentials that show the rank of your company...

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Auction & Global Tenders

For the first time in ecoomerce, all manufacturers and distributors can automate tenders thanks to the Medshop.ONE...

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Request for Quotes

Allow business customers to apply for a volume discount on a specific product. Customers can request a quote...

more >

Aggregating orders

Only business sellers have access to the Order Aggregation service, this tool allows you to...

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Visual Dashboards

The Seller Panel is a sales management center in Medshop, thanks to which you can manage and develop your B2B channel...

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Improved auctions

Enhance your listings by uploading drawings, user manuals, installation instructions and more...

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Verified Vendors

Only Verified and Real suppliers, manufacturers, service technicians can sell their products and services in Medshop.One...

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From $166 (excl. TAX) per month B2B channel

Sell automatically in your country

How it's working

Online sales at Medshop.One are an easy and effective way to reach millions of potential buyers. Whether the specificity of your products results in fewer sales or a lot, Medshop.One gives you the necessary tools and experience to sell successfully online.

Before you register

1 ) Decide what you want to sell

Thousands of product categories and subcategories are available to all sellers, regardless of how many products you want to list.Sell in one or many countries at once.

2) Select a sales plan

Choose the right plan for you. Medshop offers the possibility of selling in one country or in all countries (markets). The professional plan gives you the opportunity to sell an unlimited number of products. And the lowest subscription fee starts at $49 (excluding VAT) per month. There is one commission fee per sale when an item sells.

3 ) Register and start auctions

Create an account with Merchant, the web interface where you will also manage your sales account. Once the created account is approved by the admin, you will be able to purchase a subscription plan and start selling.

After registering and purchasing a subscription plan

Have you completed the registration process and purchased a subscription plan that is right for your business? Congratulations ! Now you can enjoy online sales at Medshop.One, it's an easy and effective way to reach millions of potential buyers. Medshop.One provides the necessary tools and experience to sell successfully online.

1) Add Product List

You can add products to the Medshop.ONE Marketplace catalog one at a time, or by sending us a list of products via XML or CSV file, you can add large batches of items using mass distribution tools and API. Set shipping and tax rates.

2 ) Start Sale

You have several order management options depending on the plan you choose.
Manage Orders Tool - See a list of your orders and view details of the selected order in the seller panel.
Order Reports - Receive order fulfillment information for multiple orders by running one report.
Medshop Marketplace Service (Medshop MMS) - If you have Developer Services available and you have a B2B sales plan, consider using the Medshop Marketplace Service Order API to get information about events (including new orders) in your merchant account.

3 ) Shipment

Medshop.ONE will notify you when customers place an order. You can use your supplier, add his details in the Medshop panel to automate your processes or you can choose auctions to choose the cheapest carrier thanks to the ONE Program. In addition, you can use the Fulfillment by Medshop.ONE (FBM) service and let Medshop.ONE do the shipping for you - or take care of the shipment yourself using Fullfilment by Vendors shipping.

4 ) Get paid

Medshop.ONE makes deposits to your bank account depending on the selected plan, your settings and contract at regular intervals and informs you that the payment has been sent.

From $166 (excl. TAX) per month B2B channel

Sell automatically in your country

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about Medshop Business.

About the program

The Medshop Business Seller program provides sellers with features to help grow their sales on Medshop Business. These features include:

  • Ability to offer products available only to business customers
  • Changes to search that make it easier to find your products
  • Pricing and payment features that simplify buying from sellers in larger quantities
  • Automate tax exemption on qualified purchases from sellers participating in the Medshop Tax-Exemption program
  • Claim quality, diversity and ownership credentials to distinguish your business to business customers
  • One fixed commission fee = lowest fees for smaller or larger purchases
  • Upload enhanced product documents, CAD technical drawings, user manuals and more


Businesses that register a professional B2B sales account through Medshop Business will receive the benefits of the Business Seller program upon completion of registration.

Existing sellers with a B2C sales account can join at any time by changing their plan. The situation is similar with the Pro and Essentials B2B account, which you can upgrade to a higher plan up to a Premium account.

See Plans >

Yes. In any B2B Plan, you can still use any other Medshop service, such as Fulfillment by Medshop, Medshop Payments, Medshop Services.

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How are orders fulfilled by Medshop Business Sellers?
You can adopt one of four approaches to fulfilling orders placed on the Medshop Business Marketplace:

1. Fulfillment by Medshop (FBM) – Orders are fulfilled by Medshop and your products are shipped from state-of-the-art Medshop fulfillment centers. Orders fulfilled through FBM achieve ONE status.

2. Vendors fulfillment – you fulfill orders directly from your own depertmens(warehouse, shop), following the Medshop Business packaging requirements. Medshop gives you tools to automate shipping:
a) YOUR - Permanent supplier - connect your account that you have with the courier (e.g. DHL) to receive automated bills of lading and protocols at your company
b) OUR - Permanent supplier - choose the supplier you work with, but Medshop will be the payer and negotiator of shipping prices with this courier
c) Suppliers' AUCTION (price auction) means that you can choose the price auction option for yourself and the client, in which Medshop will choose the best price offer for shipping the product to the client from all available courier offers.

ONE status does not apply to merchant fulfilled orders.

3. Hybrid fulfillment – Many organizations use a mixed fulfillment strategy, shipping certain products directly and others through Fulfillment by Medshop.


Certificates attract Medshop Business customers, who are to verify whether the company meets the goals of obtaining quality and corporate social responsibility goals.

After registering as a Medshop Business Vendor, you can select from the list of accepted certificates, add details about your certificate and upload a digital copy of the certificate or provide a company identification number (such as DUNS).

Medshop is not a certification body, but it is an independent body verifying the quality of medical products by experts, e.g. medical tools, after adding the assortment by the vendor. Which allows you to show the final difference of the product to create the appropriate attributes.

Medshop will provide assistance in obtaining credentials (we are working on automating this process). Vendors will determine their eligibility for certification in order to obtain the best possible relevant supporting documentation, depending on the certification.

The certificates will be visible to Medshop Business customers when shopping. In addition, the list of certificates of each seller will be displayed prominently on the seller's profile pages.
You can also assign certificates from the list of attributes they have to the products themselves.

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Bran Registry


Automated Pricing


Fulfilment by Medshop

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