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Fotel stomatologiczny ze sprężarką i pompą ssącą Niebieski

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Dental chair with compressor and suction motor.


  • Vacuum motor.
  • Compressor 30 L.
  • Curing light.
  • Ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Halogen lamp.
  • Two turbines.
  • Micromotor.
  • Contra.
  • Handpiece.

This product is used in dental equipment suitable for professional use in dental clinics. The team is composed of a set of related dental equipment and components thereof, for the treatment, diagnosis and dental operations. The product includes the patient's dental chair, dental light, the instrument tray, 3-way syringe, spittoon and water system, suction, X-ray viewer and pedal.

Principle features:

Model specifications  Comprehensive multipurpose dental treatment unit
Security category  Category I
Type pf protection  Type B
Type of electricity supply  Single-phase, three-wire, net power
Voltage  C.A. 220V~230V
Power frequency  50Hz/60HZ
Input Frequency  1200VA

Technical specifications:

  • Rotational speed turbine handpiece high speed no load (air pressure 0.22 MPa) ? 35 × 104 r / min
  • Rotational speed turbine handpiece at low speed with no load (air pressure 0.30 MPa) ? 18 × 103 r / min
  • Lamp lighting Operating 8000Ix ~ 15000Ix
  • Lighting ray viewer: ? 2000Ix
  • Capacity dental chair: ? 1323N (135kg)
  • Capacity of the tray of instruments: ? 5Kg
  • The highest position of the chair from the ground: ? 700mm
  • The lowest position of the chair from the ground: ? 500mm
  • Range of movement of the back: 105 ° - 170 °
  • Range extension of the head: 120mm
  • The greater range of seat-back to back: ? 12 °
  • Water heater temperature at a constant temperature (40 ± 5) ° C
  • Workspace: 2600mm/altura length ? ? ? 2000mm 4000mm/ancho

Working conditions:

To verify the proper use of equipment, the entrance of air and water and power supply, you must meet the following
operating parameters:

  • Air Supply: Air pressure: 0.6 MPa - 0.80 MPa, flow>, 50L/min, oil,
  • Water supply: water pressure 0.20 MPa-0.40MPa, flow>, 10L/min, degree of stiffness <,25 degrees.
  • Power Supply: AC 220V ~ 230V, 50HZ/60Hz, 10A
  • Environment: temperature 5-40 ° C, relative humidity 30% to 75%.

Space measurements needed to operate optimally:

  • Minimum length:  4000 mm
  • Minimum width:    2600 mm
  • Minimum height:   2000 mm
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