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Thanks to advertisements in Medshop, you can effectively promote your product catalog. By using classic advertising channels with us, you will pay several times less for the same. Additionally, due to highly visible ad placement, such as on the first page of search results or the product details page, your products are easy for customers to find. You bid on keywords or products, and if your ad is relevant, your bid wins, your ad will be shown to customers. By tailoring your ads, you can reach new target groups and maximize your product sales..
Medshop offers two different advertising solutions: thanks to sponsored products, you can advertise individual articles, and thanks to sponsored brand advertisements, all registered brand owners can present your brand and assortment.

AI in your ad

Grow your business with best-in-class advertising technology solutions.

Modern advertising solutions for your company

Start using sponsored ads to reach your goals and reach new customers

Global fairs & Medical Expo

Let your company appear on the global arena in all Medshop.One stores. This tool will certainly help you reach and advertise your product more effectively than through conventional fairs or other portals. Medshop creates strong traffic through real sales, connections and communication. It is the only B2C and B2B medical platform that connects with everyone and is for everyone. Finally, All in ONE.


Stores are Medshop's custom multi-page retail spaces for each brand that showcase the brand's history, company strengths, product offerings. They do not require any experience in using the site and are free.

Thanks to Stores, you can choose and create content templates from ready-made sets in the edit panel, reorder them with an easy drag and drop function and create a professional-looking website without programming or design skills. You can also commission Medshop to create your Store website.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products are ads for individual product listings on Medshop. They appear within shopping results pages and on product detail pages.

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands showcase your brand and product portfolio. Containing your brand logo, a custom headline and a selection of your products, these ads help increase the visibility of your products and appear on your shopping results pages to help you increase your sales.

Sponsored Display

Sponsored Display is a self-service advertising solution that helps your products, along the entire shopping path, reach the right audience by placing ads that appear in Medshop and beyond.

Sponsored display advertising helps you reach the right audience for your company, both new and regular customers who are already actively buying from Medshop. Display ads are easy to create and manage.


AIMS is otherwise AI in advertising, which uses all Medshop advertising tools such as Sponsored Display, Sponsored Product & Brand are maintenance-free advertising solutions integrated with third-party tools that help your company reduce advertising costs to a minimum. So much for so little.
Thanks to AIMS, you reach the right new audience for your company without spending senseless money. The more Vendors and products on Medshop, the greater the power and fees.

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Increase your sales

Customers visiting the Medshop website are already looking for products to buy. Show ads to shoppers who are looking for the right product for their cart.

Make it easy to find products

Your ads will appear on the first page of search results and product detail pages, making them instantly more visible.

Increase brand awareness.

Generate brand awareness and interest in your products domestically and internationally. Get more video views and increase brand awareness, increase conversions, traffic and app downloads

Global fairs and tenders, all year round!

Show your product and news immediately on all global markets, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day! Reach new customers, develop and create a sales distribution network, work on the brand.

Control costs

You only pay for the clicks your ads actually get. With campaign reports, you can monitor the performance of your ads, check statistics and adjust bids and budgets.

From €49 (excl. VAT) per month.

Sell automatically in your country.

Advertise worldwide

Do you want to sell in many countries? or maybe you sell in many countries? Don't limit yourself to advertising only in your home market. Showcase your brand to Medshop customers around the world by advertising in all eligible countries. Build and watch your international business grow.

Advertising Globaly is easier than you think and your business has a lot to gain.

In just a few minutes you can take your reach to the international level. To start new regional campaigns you don't need much. Medshop gives you many possibilities.

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